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Daria on DVD–Coming Soon….

2009 July 7
by Jill

This makes me very happy.

Almost as happy as getting my copy of this in the mail today (fingers crossed).

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  1. Lauren permalink
    July 7, 2009

    OH. MY. GOD.At the company picnic some of us were playing badmitton, and there was definitely a moment when one girl weakly put out her hand for the shuttlecock (ok, maybe it was me) and it was instantly labeled a Daria moment. Good times.

  2. spiritualtoenail permalink
    July 7, 2009

    I LOVE DARIA. and trent lane. we were recently on a road trip with some friends, playing the "i'm going on a picnic" game, and I of course referenced the episode when daria, jane, trent (and maybe some bandmates?) were in the car playing that. "i'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing… asbestos insulation, brine shrimp, the cryogenically frozen head of walt disney…. and a dromedary."

  3. annie permalink
    July 10, 2009

    That makes me so happy! As a middle-schooler, Daria was my angsty hero.

  4. Genny L. permalink
    July 22, 2009

    Love this. I found your blog somehow through the interwebs, and you have great tastes. I think we share the same love of Neutral Milk Hotel. Great blog.

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