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I Dream of Joanie

2010 February 3

I miss Mad Men. I miss it a lot. Even though LOST is back (!!), I am still hankering for the return of Mad Men for its sharp writing, intelligent story lines, and most importantly, Joan Holloway. I can’t help it. I think she’s one of the most wonderful characters on television. Think about it–she plays the accordion.
Though Joan and Christina Hendricks, the actress who plays her, are two completely different people, and I’m well aware of that, I can’t help but find myself admiring Christina as well. She seems so…awesome. I can’t explain it. Here are a few favorite shots of her to demonstrate my point:

At the Director’s Guild of America Awards–LOVE the color of that dress, and the flower is really cute.

I am in support of any actress who can make glasses look hot.

Love the print on this dress–also, curves. Thanks.

Green goddess.

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  1. ghostlygerbils permalink
    February 4, 2010

    I support the use of the "Girl Crush" tag.

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