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I’m Reading on a Jet Plane

2010 May 5
by Jill

I’m back and rejuvenated from my vacation–it was warm, sunny, relaxing, and fun, which made returning to the real world much more painful.  Sorry about the blog silence! I’ve been playing catch-up since I got back late Monday night.

I’ve always looked forward to the act of travel–that is, bus rides, train trips, and plane flights. That appreciation has been slightly less lately, as I’ve been traveling more (especially on the bus–ugh), but there’s still a part of me that appreciates the few hours of quiet time afforded to you by travel. It’s something of a small break from the daily grind–albeit one bookended by the stress of schedules, packing, buying tickets, and jostling for space with other passengers. It’s a chance to sit back and relax, to put on your headphones and stare out the window or take a nap.

In the past, I always used this travel time to read and write (ok, and stare out the window and take naps). However, thanks to modern technology, I find I am reading less and less on these trips, and instead either using the wireless connection on the Bolt Bus trips from Boston to NYC or flipping through the channels on the personalized tv screens on JetBlue flights.

Does this summarize our ADD-afflicted culture? If I, an avid lifelong reader, am finding myself reading less, what does this mean for the rest of the general public?

Things aren’t hopeless–I still carefully select my reading for trips (I try to select lighter, more engaging reads that will hold my attention for hours at a time) and make sure I have plenty of reading material to last me for the duration of the trip (packing a back up book or pile of magazines is a good plan).

What about you guys? Do you look forward to traveling for the extra reading time, or do you find yourself reading less and less?

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