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Fashion Book–Day for Night

2010 June 10

A good friend bought me Day for Night for my birthday this year, along with a copy for herself, which she’s also reading so we can have a discussion when we finish (nerd alert!).  The book is the third novel by Frederick Reiken, one of my first instructors in grad school. Though his class was a basic seminar in short fiction, it was clear from the way he taught the class that he was SERIOUS about writing and reading, but I had never read any of his writing, until now. And I don’t know why, but I was blown away by how much I loved this book. The story is not just one story, but rather a dense web of linked perspectives, shooting off from swimming with manatees on a 1984 Florida vacation to tracking a wanted felon to the intricate inner workings of our neurology to puppets to the Holocaust to a fraught Israel and back again.

What begins as a fairly typical telling of a woman named Beverly’s encounter with a tour guide in Florida shifts point of view just when you’re becoming comfortable with Beverly’s voice–and the novel never stops, turning faster than the Tilt-a-Whirl at a carnival, constantly challenging what you thought you understood about the characters as their relationships to each other draw ever closer.

There are many vibrant, interesting characters to choose from, but I chose Dee, nee Gwendine Morley, as the subject of this week’s Fashion Book. We meet Dee in the first chapter, watching as she leads her band, oozing sex appeal and that charisma common in lead singers. We’re tempted to discount her as just another sexy chick singer, but as the story picks up and we come along as she visits her comatose younger brother, we learn she has many dark secrets in her past.

Here’s what I think Dee might wear on stage:
Day for Night

Topshop polka-dot one-shoulder ruffle dress by Rare ($84)

Velvet Angels open toe bootie ($206)

Hype hibiscus studded “Cindy” suede chain clutch ($90)

Max & Chloe Yochi hematite and gun metal ring ($45)

Gemma Redux Kimberly earrings ($245)

Urban Outfitters vintage octagon sunglasses ($10)

French Connection black leather chain cuff ($48)

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