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World Class

2010 June 15
by Jill

When it comes to playing sports, I’m pretty much the worst. Watching them, though, can be really fun, especially when it involves good friends, good snacks, and good beer. I had all of those things on Saturday afternoon to watch the USA vs. England game in the first round of the World Cup. I have always appreciated the game of soccer–I think it’s exciting and interesting to watch, and I don’t understand why more Americans don’t feel the same way. Maybe it’s because I spent a year abroad in Florence and those Italians LOVE their calcio. The fans get so into it that they need to put the fans of the opposing team in a cage in the stands so fights won’t break out. For real.

Also, you can’t beat the World Cup for style. I was fascinated to learn that each country has a custom team suit that the players wear when they’re not on the field. SO classy! Here’s a truly badass picture of the Japanese team:

And the Brits don’t look too bad….

{images courtesy of Sartorially Inclined}

And a little something for me, while I cheer on the Azzurri!

Who are you rooting for?

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  1. Dawn permalink
    June 19, 2010

    I did not know this! How cool!! Brits with amazing accents and cute lil’ matching suits?! I want to go!

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