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Short Weekend

2010 June 21

I spent this weekend at York Beach in Maine, at an adorable inn with my mom and sister. The weather was gorgeous, our room had a beautiful ocean view, the town was like something out of a Disney movie, and we had plenty of reading and shopping time.

My sister, me, and my mom before a delicious dinner

No trip to Maine would be complete without at least stopping by the outlets in Kittery. I scored a great sundress ($10) and a new white skirt ($25) at Gap, a necklace at Banana Republic ($10), and fantastic wedges ($18) at Old Navy. I’m wearing a totally new outfit today and it feels great!

The one thing I didn’t find, though, is a pair of shorts. I haven’t owned a pair of shorts in about five years. I pretty much stopped wearing them when I discovered my love of sundresses–but I want a pair now, especially after a weekend at the beach. I don’t love my legs, but I’m trying to embrace them and find the perfect flattering, casual but not too casual, pair for the summer. Here are a few wish list candidates:

ShortsTibi cockatoo printed shorts ($200)

Topshop button fold-over shorts ($55)

Theory crescent checked shorts ($80)

Vigoss “Brooklyn” denim bermuda shorts ($44)

Jane Norman anchor button shorts ($21)

See by Chloe mini twill shorts ($86)

Theory Outlook Bennie checked shorts ($160)

Miss Selfridge mink turn up shorts ($28)

AE lace hem cut offs ($30)

Which ones are your favorites?

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  1. June 21, 2010

    1) I feel like shorts are exceedingly hard to look good in. At least for ladies. Guys can wear those amazingly comfortable looking baggy shorts and always look good, but I feel like as a lady you have to have stick thin legs which are ten shades tanner than my legs will ever be. But like you, I harbor a hope of owning shorts again someday!

    2) That is an amazing skirt you are wearing! Love your mom’s skirt, too! Really, all of you ladies are looking pretty dashing.

  2. June 21, 2010

    I have also suffered from the can’t-find-don’t-shorts-because-they-don’t-work-for-me syndrome. I’ve always blamed my thighs for this, and I too, typically default to sundresses or skirts in the summer.

    However, perhaps due to frequenting Diesel Cafe and Davis Square so much, I am now kind of in love with the “cut off jeans at the knee” shorts. I swear, Somerville is the Homemade Jean Shorts capital of America. Sort of like the above Vigoss pair, Denim Bermuda Shorts (to cast them in a fashion light) can be flattering AND comfy, especially when using a pair of one’s own jeans, because they fit already.

    Since I’m packing this week to move, I found some old jeans and decided to test this theory by making two pairs of my own Demin Burmuda Shorts– which have been pretty awesome for the hot weather as well! One was a pair of capris that I got at a thrift store that never really looked right in the leg, but now are great as shorts! The other is a favorite pair that have ripped and been patched several times. Haven’t taken them for a spin just yet, may need to add/subtract patches to get a “look” out of them. Or I’ll just save them for wearing as moving clothes!

  3. Amy G permalink
    June 21, 2010

    I’ve had a self-imposed no-shorts rule for years now (mainly because the only kind I actually like are those like the last pair above, but even if they looked good on me, I’m too old ;), but I recall that Stacy London of WNTW is a big fan of “walking shorts,” which are longer and more flattering. I think I may have spotted some at BR recently, so they might be worth a visit!

  4. June 22, 2010

    I went to camp in Maine and I haven’t been back in too long and these photos are making me miss it so much!

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