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The Written Wardrobe

2010 June 23
by Jill

As is evident from the very existence of this blog, two of my foremost passions are literature and fashion. That is just one of the reasons why I’m so excited about ModCloth‘s upcoming anthology of fashion writing, called The Written Wardrobe. The collection, which will be published online in February, 2011, aims to highlight all of the ways in which style influences our daily lives–a mission that is emulated by ModCloth itself.

Best of all? ModCloth is looking for YOUR submissions. Do you have something to say about style? They are accepting contributions of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction now through August 1, 2010. Submission guidelines can be found here.  According to the website, “We are not only interested in work that directly deals with clothing, shoes, and accessories, but we also encourage various explorations and interpretations of the larger topic of “style.” For instance, we may love a story about a housewife who has an apron passed down from her grandmother, or an essay about traveling to India and discovering what it’s like to wear a sari. Don’t be afraid to show us what you’ve got!”

I love the idea of this project because I believe that style is about so much more than the high-priced fashion you see in glossy magazines and on the runways. It’s about the way we present ourselves to the world, about how to assert our creativity in new and different ways. But more about that in another blog post.

Get writing!

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