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Independence Day

2010 July 5
by Jill

It’s been a pretty low-key 4th of July weekend for me, but I liked it that way. I declared it my own mini “independence day” and did my own thing, playing social events by ear instead of obsessively planning like I normally do. I ended up spending most of my time finishing up a freelance editing project, but I took a few breaks here and there for ice cream, Tibetan food, friends from out of town, and, of course, fireworks.

I’m not the most patriotic girl on the block, but the 4th in Boston tends to be a Big Deal. Folks around here do it up right, and the fireworks are always a good show, if you can get a good vantage point. This year, instead of negotiating the crushing downtown crowds, a few friends and I went to the top of the Tufts library in Somerville, where we were able to see most of the action AND I got to walk home instead of be squished on the T.

Dressing for holidays is always somewhat of an internal debate for me. Should I wear green on St. Patrick’s Day even though I’m only a fraction of a percent Irish? Do I need to wear a costume on Halloween? I do tend to get in the spirit, when all is said and done, though, and this year was no exception, though to be honest, it’s so hot that putting any clothing on at all takes too much effort. But, in the interest of not being arrested for public nudity, I put on a red striped t-shirt dress, straw hat, brown belt, and flat sandals (good choice, since there was lots of walking and standing).

I love seeing how other people interpret the holiday. My favorite outfit I saw all day was a woman in a plain white t-shirt dress and red flats with a blue bandanna in her hair–it was so simple and classic I wanted to take a picture of her.

Do you dress up on the holidays, or is it too cheesy for you?

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  1. Melissa permalink
    July 7, 2010

    I used to have a pair of orange socks with blacks cats on them that I would wear on Halloween. It was just enough so that if anyone gave me a hard time for not dressing up, then I could just reveal my socks.

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