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Croc the Vote

2010 July 7
by Jill

I live in a city, so I walk a lot–at least two miles a day, just in my daily commute, if the weather’s nice.  I usually go to the office in a pair of flip-flops or flats and change into heels I stash under my desk at work. Being that I spend the bulk of my day sitting at a desk, this is really not much of an issue, but I’ve had many jobs which required me to be on my feet for eight hours a day. I completely understand the appeal of comfortable footwear.

But, I have to ask–what is the deal with Crocs? Are they really comfortable enough for you to be seen in public wearing these?

My mother, who I love dearly, has a pair of pink ones with some kind of…fake fur effect. My sister and I have made it known, frequently, that it is not okay for her to wear them out in public. Since she largely ignores this, we have since revised the rule to at least restrict her wearing them in our presence in public. This also does not really work, but you can’t say we didn’t try.

This being said, I confess I have never worn a pair of these things. Furthermore, some of the new styles are actually…kind of…cute. There, I said it. Here are a couple of pairs I would actually wear. In public.

Crocband Flat

McCall flat

Malindi flat

Marcita wedge

What do you guys think? Would you wear Crocs? Do you wear Crocs and now I’ve made you outraged?

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  1. NMR permalink
    July 8, 2010

    Embarrassed to say that I have tagged this page so I can come back to look at… ::gulp::… crocs.

    I think the more offensive part about the clog crocs is the sweat ensembles that people to choose to wear with them.

  2. July 26, 2010

    I actually own a pair of unassuming black Crocs (regular clogs, no holes or anything) that I wore quite frequently–when I waited tables. They made my Sunday doubles easier on my feet, legs, and back. That being said, since I haven’t waitressed in a year, I have no idea where they’ve ended up. There are some fancy Italian rubber driving shoes/mocassins that did pique my interest though (via Daily Candy at a shop in Newton.

  3. Raquel permalink
    August 3, 2010

    I confess: I once, years ago, owned a pair of regular pink Crocs that were handy for running errands, working around the house, days when I felt like giving up and wore nasty clothes, etc. They eventually got holes in the soles and I tossed them. I wised up and the next pair I got look almost identical to the Malindi ones you feature here, except that they are red and have a rhinestone on the back strap. They are really cute and quite comfortable. I wear them in the summer when it rains and is too unbearably hot to wear rain boots. They look especially cute with skirts.

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