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Keep Feeling Fascination

2010 July 13
by Jill

Lately, I’ve been feeling distinctly blah when getting ready in the morning. There are only so many dresses in my closet, and only so many ways I can make my hair look good when it’s pulled back from my face and not blow-dried. It’s HOT, and when the heat is on like this, it can feel downright oppressive (especially when you live in an attic apartment without the luxury of air conditioning).

When I get to feeling like this, sometimes the only thing that makes me feel better is getting all dressed up, even if it’s only for the office or meeting friends for coffee. That’s why fascinators are catching my eye. They’re the perfect way to accentuate simple outfits and spice up a ponytail, and they’re also great for weddings and other fancy occasions. Would you wear one?

{all fascinators from Pegasus Maiden}

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  1. Amy G permalink
    July 14, 2010

    Yes!! And there are so many amazing ones on Etsy…

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