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Packing It In

2010 August 10

In less than two weeks, I am packing a U-Haul and driving from Boston, my home for the last four years, to Brooklyn, where a fantastic 1-bedroom apartment, an exciting new job, and an amazing boyfriend are waiting for me. Even with all of those wonderful things, I am apprehensive.  Though I lived in Florence, Italy for almost a year in college, that was a temporary arrangement. I’ve never lived more than two hours away from my family, all of whom live in Rhode Island. I’ve never lived in a city so frenetic and dynamic and HUGE as New York.  I’ve never even rented a U-Haul before!

I’ve yet to make much progress in packing, but I DID donate 4 large bags full of clothing to Goodwill and have already thrown out 2 bags full of miscellaneous papers, junk, and knick-knacks. I’m putting my couch up on Craigslist, along with a good deal of my other furniture. I’m planning on getting rid of at least a quarter of my books. Making a new start is invigorating not only for moving forward, but for shedding all of the things that have been weighing you down without you even realizing it.

The NYT had an article today about this very topic–do our belongings really make us happy? I’m starting to realize, more and more, that owning several essential, functional, and quality items is far better than having a closet full of worn-out junk and a shelf full of paperbacks I’ll never read again.

I’ve been living on a tight budget for a long time, so my shopping has been pretty restricted for the past year, but I’m thinking of challenging myself and only buying second-hand and vintage clothing and books (minus underwear and a few other essentials) for the next year, and limiting those purchases only to things I truly want. What do you think? If it’s possible to pull this off anywhere, it’s possible in New York.  I will keep you posted once I’m settled.

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  1. August 10, 2010

    You’ll do great. Moved to NYC from Kansas ten years ago and have been living with the GF in 600 square feet for 9 of them. You definitely figure out what possessions are important to you. My hundreds of books get to stay—-knick knacks and decorations not so much. Good luck with your new adventure.

  2. August 13, 2010

    “If it’s possible to pull this off anywhere, it’s possible in New York.” So true! I think this is a really great/interesting idea and, financial wise, probably one I should invest in as well. Please keep us updated on how it goes, and I might actually be further inspired to actually do it.

    Moving is such a huge, huge change, and especially when it’s NYC we’re talking about! Best of luck with everything!

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