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Shopping Spree

2010 October 25

This past weekend I was a bridesmaid for the fifth time (I think after three bridesmaid gigs, you’re officially a pro). It was a beautiful wedding and I had a great time! As a thank you gift, the bride gave me a gift card to Anthropologie. She knows me well! Normally, I would be over the moon with an Anthropologie gift card, but given my recent moratorium on shopping (at least buying new), I am pretty much ecstatic, because I think I am allowed to make an exception when it’s a gift! So I’m going on a shopping spree as soon as possible, and I have a few fall staples in mind. I would like to keep my spending to a minimum, so all of these potential choices are under $100. I also steered clear of dresses because I buy too many of them and my closet is sorely lacking in other basics!

Knitting Needle Cardigan

I’m craving a chunky knit cardigan to wrap up in now that the weather is turning colder, and this one fits the bill nicely!

Drawing Parallels Top

I need a few more tops in my reportoire and I like the ruffles on this one.

Molucca Shirt

This one might be my favorite–it’s delicate and lightweight for layering, but the color is quintessential fall.

Hop, Skip, Jump Skirt

I also need a colorful skirt or two in my closet. I like the color of this one, and I like that it’s cordurouy.

Surging Springs Skirt

I like the detailing on this one. Also, the only piece of clothing I own from Anthro is a pencil skirt, and I’ve gotten many compliments on it and hav been told it’s a silhouette I should invest in.

Painted Night Skirt

I like the pattern on this skirt and I love the gold belt detail–also, I need a new black and white skirt since I donated my old standby one earlier this summer.

Art School Cardigan

This meets several criteria–it’s a long cardigan, has stripes, is a neutral color, and has sequins. It’s also on sale. Perfect!

What would you buy on a fall shopping spree?

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  1. October 25, 2010

    I would head straight for that chunky sweater cardigan! But I tend to have too much of that type of garment in my closet. :) The black skirt is a sure bet, as well. Can’t go wrong with a classic piece like that.

  2. October 26, 2010

    Do you know anyone who needs an extra bridesmaid? Because I am in love with that red skirt!

  3. Melissa permalink
    October 27, 2010

    I am torn between the maroon shirt and that beautiful black skirt. The cardigan is also delicious, but I always feel like I have too many things like that already. Have fun!

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