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The Pursuit of Happiness

2010 November 2

Happy Election Day! I hope everyone got the chance to get out and vote. The days have gotten away from me this week, being busy with work and still tired from Rallying in DC this weekend (pictures to come!), but in honor of Election Day, I wanted to write a quick post about the delightful Maira Kalman and her “And the Pursuit of Happiness.” The project started out as a piece that appeared monthly in the New York Times Opinion section–inspired by Obama’s election and the state of politics in America, Kalman (a writer and artist) spent 2009 traveling around the country, starting with the Inauguration in DC in January, and ending in New York City at the close of the year. She was looking for something to be positive about in American politics–what was actually working in our system. The result was a buoyant, colorful, and thoughtful account of a nation.

The series has now been adapted into a book. Here are a few of my favorite images from the NYT blog (click to enlarge):

The Newtown Creek Wastewater Management Plant in Greenpoint (Joe and I went on a tour of these “digester eggs” a couple of weeks ago!)

Check out the blog, and the book, when you want to be reminded of all the things that make this country a pretty great place to live…most of the time.

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