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Winter Warmers

2010 November 29
by Jill

There’s no denying that winter is in the air–there were snow flurries in Rhode Island last night and my fall coat isn’t really cutting it in the warmth department in the almost freezing temperatures. My every day winter coat is a warm brown puffer coat from Michael Kors that I bought last year–it’s great for the freezing Northeastern winters, but I find myself lacking a nicer winter coat for fancier occasions. Something a little more special than the everyday. I have a tweed coat that I bought at Banana Republic years ago, but there are buttons missing, the lining is torn, and it’s too big for me.

Given my vintage challenge, I decided to take a look at Etsy to see what there is to offer for a special winter coat. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection and the prices! I may have to treat myself for the holidays. Do you have more than one winter coat?

80’s Apricot Leopard Coat from Aptvwt’s Etsy Shop

70s Winter Trench from Rhitbeeanne Vintage

Navy Wool Coat from HotelParticular

1950’s Black Peacoat from ItsBella

70’s Trench with Attached Scarf from Sally Jane Vintage

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  1. kyley permalink
    November 29, 2010

    Ooo, I especially love the 50s black peacoat!

    I have three winter coats, which seems totally excessive, but two are actually too small. I just love them too much to give up on them just yet. Maybe I will be rocking them next year! haha.

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