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A Very Etsy Gift Guide

2010 December 9
by Jill

I’m in the midst of gift-giving mania: a condition in which my brain is constantly thinking of ideas of gifts for those on my nice list, and then dismissing them as quickly as I thought of them. It’s exhausting and rather disheartening, but I’m working through it.

I love the idea of giving handmade gifts, but sadly, I don’t quite have the time or creative skills to make that happen (at least this year), so I thought turning to Etsy, a handmade gift Mecca, would solve many a case of gift-giving mania!

So here’s a quick and dirty guide to some cute (and wallet-friendly) gifts from Etsy!

For the kitchen whirlwind:

A vintage-inspired apron: $26.95

For the quirky audiophile:

A tape-recorder belt buckle: $28

For the constantly-chilly coworker:

Feather print arm warmers: $28

For the friend with blank walls:

Photograph Print: $22

Your friend with the great new couch who has since discovered pillows are very expensive (not that I know anyone like that….):

Pillow Cover: $15

I could spend all day pulling more ideas, but I’ve got some shopping of my own to do!

How do you beat gift-giving ruts?

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  1. December 9, 2010

    That apron is so cute! i think the internet and blogs give me ideas for gift shopping :-)

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