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2011 January 10

I’ve been in the market for new shoes for months now. My favorite flat brown boots (seen here), the ones that took me forever to find because it’s tough to find boots that will fit over my calves AND jeans, the ones that I spent a small fortune on (for me), the ones that I wear year-round, with almost everything–have seen better days. Much better days. When I first bought them, because they are Born, they were super, super comfortable. But now, two years of constant wear later, they are just worn out. They’re not comfortable anymore, and they look just a little too beat up. Also, I prefer a little more of a heel.

ANYWAY, I have been very interested in getting a pair of new boots, and am intrigued by the lace-up trend. I’ve tried on a couple of different pairs, but can never commit. I  have a really hard time committing to buying shoes, mostly because they are so expensive, and I have a hard time spending money. But I’ve come to realize that comfortable, stylish shoes are very important, and an investment worth making, because you need to wear shoes every day!

Luckily, Piper Lime is having a huge sale right now, and after some extensive Sunday morning browsing, I found these:

Vince Camuto, Fantasa

These boots pretty much have everything I’m looking for: laces, a little bit of a heel, dark brown color, and wingtip-esque detailing. They’re also $100 on sale, which is how much I’ve mentally budgeted for new shoes. However, I’m worried that they’re just a little too trendy for me. Will I look like an idiot in calf-length granny-style boots? I’m so torn! What is your opinion on these kinds of boots? Are they worth the investment, or will they be out of style next season?

Here are a few inspirational lace-up boot images:

{Phoebe Pettitt}

{Blue Collar Catwalk}–That’s my subway stop for work!

{The Cat’s Pajamas}


Also, they have the boots in dark brown or dark grey. I’m on the fence about which color will be more versatile.

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  1. January 10, 2011

    I think these boots are basic enough to be a good staple (ie–not embarrassingly trendy). Grey might be more versatile, but the brown looks dark enough to work with most things, too. Let us know what you choose!

  2. Joe permalink
    January 10, 2011

    Love that dark brown. I think it’s a classic look, not a trendy one.

  3. January 10, 2011

    I agree with Joe – classic, not trendy. I can totally picture you in then and in my head you look adorable!

  4. Mal permalink
    January 10, 2011

    I love these, and I agree that while they are super trendy right now, they will never really be out of style. I would go with the gray, but that’s just because I wear black tights all the time and I still can’t really do the whole “mixing black and brown” thing. I think either would be a good investment!

  5. January 10, 2011

    I think the boots are cute, and that you will still be able to find ways to wear them in the future that will continue to be on trend.
    I think it always less about what you are wearing and more about the amount of confidence and conviction with which you wear it.
    If you really love them, they’ll always be in style.

  6. Rachel permalink
    January 10, 2011

    Those are such pretty and comfortable-looking boots! I personally have short legs, so the shaft height would give me pause, but I definitely think you could pull them off beautifully. I think dark brown is more classic than grey.

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