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Fashion Book: Little Women–Jo Edition

2011 March 1

Time for the second installment of the Fashion Books Classics–this time, we’re taking a look at Jo, probably the most memorable and iconic of the March sisters. (Click here for the first installment).

Jo is the quintessential tomboy. In fact, I think she invented the term. She’s independent, smart, and witty. When I began putting together a modernized look for her, I styled something along the lines of the menswear-inspired looks around the runways now–slouchy trousers, a flowing button-down, a vest, a floppy hat. But then it occurred to me that Jo isn’t a tomboy because it’s trendy–she’s a tomboy because it’s what’s comfortable for her. It’s effortless, not stylized.

I decided on Levi’s and oxfords and a tote–a look that could easily be called “trendy” but one which could easily also be timeless tomboy chic. It’s frustrating that I couldn’t find a pair of worn looking Levi’s on Polyvore that didn’t cost over $200, but know that Jo wouldn’t have bought them for that price. In my mind, Jo shops at the Goodwill–when she’s not out doing something else awesome.


For item details, click on the image above.

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  1. March 1, 2011

    Nice. Love the shoes!

  2. Raquel permalink
    March 2, 2011

    Great jacket! I always loved Jo, for obvious reasons: sassy, opinionated, strong, always getting into scrapes, and aspiring writer. In my mental image of her, she always had that slightly fly-away look, where she looked like everything was just thrown together, but it all worked.

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