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2011 April 12
by Jill

Last week my company relocated to a new office building. Even though it’s just a few blocks to the northeast in Midtown Manhattan, the new office feels like a different world compared to our old building. The old office was drafty, dark, closed in, and vaguely smelled of bacon. I was secluded in a corner cubicle where I didn’t get to see or talk to anyone. Our new office has windows, and light, and new furniture, and common areas where people can actually talk to each other. Best of all, I now sit with the other editors on my team and I can chat and share snacks and vent to my heart’s content. The move has even significantly helped my productivity and energy levels.

For the first day in the new digs, I knew I wanted to dress nicely and put my best foot forward, especially since I would be a little more visible to my co-workers. Here’s what I came up with:

Dress: Max & Chloe (via BCBG Outlet)

Blazer: Vintage (via Brooklyn Flea)

Boots: Franco Sarto

I bought this dress years ago for a friend’s rehearsal dinner and I love it. But because I originally bought it for a special occasion, I find I don’t wear it often enough. Do you find you have trouble incorporating certain items in your closet into your every day routine?

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  1. Raquel permalink
    April 19, 2011

    Great dress! I have trouble incorporating most items into my closet into my everyday routine because I work at home, usually in yoga pants or a ratty yet comfy old pair of cords that’s full of holes! I worry that I will forget how to dress myself. 😉

    I’m happy to hear that the office move has improved both your surroundings and your mood! Yay!

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