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Best of the Looks, Best of the Books 5/13/11

2011 May 13

Hello dear friends. As my birthday week wraps up, I’m thinking about two things: 1. I can’t eat another donut, cupcake, or ice cream sundae for the rest of the year, and 2. How is time going by so fast?

A good friend of mine is visiting this weekend, so I’m looking forward to running around town, showing off Brooklyn, and spending some time shopping and going to see a show in Manhattan. What are you up to this weekend?

Best of the Looks:

Jill of Good Life for Less’s pink blazer is like spring in jacket form. I love the bright color paired with the turquoise necklace and simple white tee and jeans. So fun!

Have you ever heard of “ze French cuff”? Would you try it?

Ok, so Katie Holmes is married to a crazy Scientologist…but I still kind of have a girl crush on her. These Ann Taylor ads are so pretty!

I discovered Oisercage just last week, but it’s already quickly becoming one of my favorite style blogs. I love the colors and exuberant photos, as well as the writing!

Best of the Books:

A collection of Emily Dickinson’s personal letters (the only prose she ever wrote) has been published–The Paris Review Blog takes a look at the letters.

What your literary tote bag says about you–mine says I don’t live in New York. Although to be fair, I did buy it when I lived in Rhode Island…

A gigantic and awesome 360-degree photo of a library.

The New Yorker asks, are you a reader or an owner? I like to think I fall in the middle of both categories.

An interesting piece about grief memoirs at the Rumpus.

The unaired SNL skit “Great Women Writers Throughout History” made me laugh a lot.

This post is pretty late. I was busy today. Happy weekend, all!!

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