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Fashion Book: Sweet Valley High

2011 May 19

Recently, the books I’ve been reading haven’t lent themselves to Fashion Book posts, so in a nod to nostalgia, I’m featuring everyone’s favorite beautiful twins: Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. I devoured the Sweet Valley High books when I was younger, eschewing the warning that the books were meant for girls twelve years old or older. I remember receiving an entire garbage bag full of the books, cast out by my older cousin when she was tired of them. My older sister read them as well, and was happy to pass them along to me.

I don’t remember if I read the series in order, or if it was even important to do so. The series tells the story of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, identical twins who, as the author continually points out in EVERY SINGLE ONE of the books, are blond, tan, size six, with aquamarine eyes, and matching lavalier necklaces. But “this is where the similarity ends”!! Each book takes pains to point out how starkly different the girls are, and this leads to many adventures and misadventures. I thought it would be fun to create a modern update for each sister.

Elizabeth was the responsible one: the editor of the school newspaper, she got straight A’s and mostly hung out with her steady boyfriend, Todd Wilkinson. (Is it weird that all of this is from memory…?) In one memorable book, she uncharacteristically goes for a ride on the back of Todd’s motorcycle, and SPOILER ALERT–ends up in a coma. This is what happens when we deviate from our set-in-stone personalities, people. Here’s what I think Elizabeth may have worn on that fateful ride: jeans, flats, stripes, a preppy cardigan, a satchel bag, a scarf to hold her hair back, and of course, the lavelier necklace.

Elizabeth Wakefield

Jessica, on the other hand, was quite a minx–always getting into trouble, not good in school, and popular with the boys. She was always attending some party or another, so here’s what I think she would wear to dance the night away: a sexy dress in a trendy color, a fitted denim jacket. high heels, a bright clutch, sassy belt, and her matching lavelier necklace.
Jessica Wakefield

Did you read these books growing up? What do you think the twins would wear now?

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  1. May 19, 2011

    I got banned from reading Sweet Valley High, and was demoted to Sweet Valley Twins only, when one of Elizabeth’s crushes turned out to be gay! True story.

    Elizabeth would totally wear flats!!! I also always pictured her wearing her hair in barrettes, possibly because of some cover image along the way?

  2. May 19, 2011

    This was amazing.

  3. May 19, 2011

    Hahahah, you are amazing. I totally read these when I was little!!!

  4. May 19, 2011

    How funny, I also remember scouring an older cousin’s shelves for these! Have you heard about the sequel that came out recently that follows the characters 10 years after high school? I wonder if they’re still “perfect size sixes”?

  5. May 21, 2011

    There’s a hilarious blog called “The Dairi Burger” that does recaps of many of the books. Hours of fun.

    I was a little too old for the SVH books when they first came out, but my sister and I used to read them just to make fun of them.

  6. amber permalink
    May 29, 2011

    My mum used to read the books and i am reading them now but i only have 18 where do i buy the other books? x

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