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Old Scarf, New Tricks

2011 May 24

Autobiography of a Face has been on my to-read list for years and I finally crossed it off when I finished reading it last week. It’s a memoir by Lucy Grealy, who lost a part of her jaw to Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer that affects children and has a very low survival rate. Grealy endured two and a half years of intense radiation and chemo therapy, from the time she was ten to until she was thirteen. She had countless reconstructive surgeries, and endured years of painful taunting and crippling loss of self-esteem. It’s a beautiful book and I found myself gripped by the graphic details of sickness and pain, but also by the strength and grace and intelligence that propels Grealy’s writing.

My former roommate Nancy lent me Truth and Beauty, a memoir by Ann Patchett, who happened to be Grealy’s close friend in college. Her book is the story of their friendship, and also what an extraordinary woman and writer Grealy was. I read that book six or seven years ago and have been meaning to pick up Grealy’s own side of the story and I’m glad I finally did.

After that synopsis, it seems shallow to post one of my outfits, but I’m sticking to my guns with this one.

I took one of my go-to outfits and changed it up a little bit: I got both this dress and scarf 3 years ago, and the boots as well, come to think of it! 2008 was apparently a good year for my closet. I’ve seen this scarf look around the many style blogs I frequent (most notably on Academichic) but never thought I could pull it off myself. Well, last week something struck me, and I decided to seize the day while I can still wear scarves with sundresses and get away with it.

Dress: Forever 21

Scarf: H&M

Belt: Old Navy

Socks: Gap

Boots: Born

What do you think of wearing your scarf this way? Would you try it? What’s your favorite way to experiment with scarves and other accessories?

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  1. May 25, 2011

    You’re so sassy! I always get overwhelmed by incorporated belts into outfits, but I love using it to add a new look to the scarf. And the scarf itself adds a great element of color.

  2. Nancy permalink
    May 25, 2011

    Thanks for the shoutout. I loved Autobiography of a Face as well. I did not look as happy as you do reading it though…I remember getting sick to my stomach while reading it from her descriptions of the chemo.

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