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Sunglasses at Night

2011 September 7
by Jill

One of the problems with wearing prescription glasses is the need to also wear prescription sunglasses. I have infinite envy of all the lucky people out there who can walk into a gas station and buy $5 sunglasses because they lost a pair or left them at home. I wouldn’t even necessarily mind the cost of prescription sunglasses as the lone issue, but then there’s the added nuisance of constantly having to switch between the two pairs of glasses when, say, shopping in the city on a sunny afternoon, going in and out of doors every ten minutes. It becomes a problem.

I have owned only one pair of prescription sunglasses in my life, and the prescription is so woefully old that I might as well be walking around with my eyes closed rather than wear them now. I’ve put off buying a new pair because of the cost, and because I don’t drive very much anymore since I live in a city, and driving is really the most practical reason for wearing sunglasses (if you don’t spend your life on the beach).

However, I lately find myself squinting more and more when I’m outside, and even though the summer’s nearly over, I can’t put it off any longer–I need sunglasses! Luckily, Joe got me a Warby Parker gift card as part of my anniversary present this year so I can indulge without feeling too guilty. They just launched a sunglasses line this summer, and plan to offer prescription lenses within the next couple of months.

Here are a few pairs I’m considering:

Tenley in Midnight Blue

Liv in Greystone

Everett in Gimlet Tortoise

Which pair do you like? Do you wear prescription sunglasses?

Warby Parker is celebrating Fashion’s Night Out AND Buddy Holly on September 8 in New York City with an in-store performance from Justin Townes Earle! I’m thinking about checking it out. Are you celebrating Fashion’s Night Out?

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  1. nancy durso permalink
    September 7, 2011

    i like all your choices, but i think the blue ones are my favorite.

    • Jill permalink
      September 7, 2011

      Mom! I am so proud you left me a comment! I like the blue ones too…I will have to try them on and see what happens!

  2. Mal permalink
    September 7, 2011

    I’m so excited that Warby Parker is coming out with prescription sunglasses! It’s really the only thing missing from my life right now.

    I love the Tenley’s in theory, but I’ve tried them on, and they are INCREDIBLY narrow. I like the Everetts the best, but I’m biased because of my intense love for tortoise shell.

    • Jill permalink
      September 7, 2011

      I too have an intense love of tortoise shell…no surprises there. I may need to go to the studio here in the city to try them on since they’re also not available for at-home try on. Boo!

  3. September 7, 2011

    I’m so glad other people have the same problem! I’ve owned one pair of prescription sunglasses in my life, but that was years ago when I was still a kid. So what I do now is that when I know I will be outside a lot (the “benefit” of my current work-life balance is that this doesn’t happen too often), I put in a pair of daily contact lenses and just use normal sunglasses.
    My other problem with sunglasses (actually just glasses in general) is that I have a very small face and many models are just huge on me and look totally ridiculous (forget aviators :( ). It makes buying glasses an adventure every single time. Once I was actually led to the kids’ section by a well-meaning (?) shop assistant.

    • Jill permalink
      September 7, 2011

      Yes, it is good to know that we’re not alone in our glasses-wearing woes! I’m too squeamish for contacts, so prescription sunglasses are a must for me–can’t wait to finally get a new pair.

      • Mal permalink
        September 8, 2011

        You can definitely try on the Tenley prescription glasses, and it looks like they have the same measurements, save the bridge. You could at least see what they look like on your face. Full disclosure: I have a complex about how wide my face is, so any frames that are even slightly narrower than it make me very uncomfortable, but these were legitimately so narrow that the cat-eye peaked about mid-brow.

  4. kerry permalink
    September 7, 2011

    tenley in midnight blue for sure. i would order some too if warby parker hadn’t so bungled my previous order that i hate them forever! grumble.

    • Jill permalink
      September 8, 2011

      What happened when you ordered some??

  5. Melissa permalink
    September 7, 2011

    Love the blue ones, and I’m proud of you too, mom!

  6. September 7, 2011

    I love the blue ones! The tortoiseshell ones are cute, but they probably won’t go with as many outfits (and may clash with other patterns you’re wearing). PS. I love your blog!

    • Jill permalink
      September 8, 2011

      That’s a good point! I’ll just have to try both and see which ones I fall in love with. Thanks for reading!

  7. September 7, 2011

    I’m a fan of the blue ones as well, they’ve got a great shape. It’s probably good to go by what Mal says, though, since she’s had experience with them in real life. It’s so hard to choose without knowing how they actually look on a person’s face (much less on your own).

    Last time I purchased glasses (full disclosure, from Zenni Optical, about which I’ve since heard some problems) I went ahead and got some prescription sunglasses as well, since driving is the main time I need to wear mine. I didn’t realize how nice it is to wear sunglasses and still have sharp vision!

    • Jill permalink
      September 8, 2011

      I’m looking forward to the sharp vision, ESPECIALLY when I’m driving toward direct sunlight!

  8. September 8, 2011

    I’m wholly torn between the blue and tortoise shell. I think either would look super adorable on you, but Helen is probably right — they’ll clash with some things. However, I feel like you can really commit to them and make them work with just about anything.

  9. Raquel permalink
    September 12, 2011

    I’m late to the party! But I also vote for the blue! They’re adorable! I’d vote for tortoiseshell if it were a dark brown tortoiseshell, as I think that goes with more outfits than the lighter shade you have above. So in this case, blue! :)

    I am a huge advocate of wearing sunglasses outside all the time, even in overcast weather, even if it is a pain to have to switch out your specs. Protecting your eyes when you’re young is hugely important to preventing macular degeneration and other eye problems that lead to blindness when you’re older. I’m a downer, I know, but I got a very stern lecture from an eye doctor once about the importance of protecting my bizarrely huge pupils from outdoor light and now I wear shades outdoors every day. I usually used to but now I make sure I am never without them. I know it looks nuts to wear shades when it’s snowing or raining, but it really does protect you from the glare! BONUS: wearing shades prevents squinting, which prevents EYE WRINKLES. :) (And also protects your delicate eye skin from sun rays.)

    I’m sure whatever pair you pick will be adorbs! It’s kind of fun to have a separate pair to wear outdoors. Let us know which ones you pick!

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