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Best of the Looks, Best of the Books 4/6/12

2012 April 6
by Jill

My brain is a little fried this week. I’m easily distracted and can’t seem to focus on anything for more than five minutes. We all have those weeks! I hope that this weekend (which I’ll be spending celebrating Easter with my family in RI) is restorative and I can get back to being 100% next week. Happy weekend, everyone!


Best of the Looks:

Tam of Hello Framboise!  rocks it in gold skinny jeans, leopard pumps, and matching stripes. Everything comes together really well.

I’m intrigued by Bobbi Brown’s beach body oil for summer. I have really dry skin and I love the smell of the beach…

The origin of the diamond engagement ring. 

A roundup of the LWD (little white dress) on Elements of Style.


Best of the Books:

Interesting piece about book cover design.

Some memorable meals in literature. 

The second issue of Modcloth’s The Written Wardrobe is online!

C.S. Lewis’ sage advice on writing. 

How to Write the Great American Novel. I’m doing it wrong.


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  1. Sandy permalink
    April 7, 2012

    On the origin of the diamond engagement ring, I read that during the Black Plague,
    rich young men would buy their intended a diamond ring as a protection against the plague. They believed that jewelry protected them from contracting the plague.

  2. Raquel permalink
    April 11, 2012

    I LOVE the piece about how to write a novel! Hilar.

    Also, body oil: I recently started experimenting with oil-as-skincare and am already in love. I’ve been using one to prevent undereye wrinkles/care for delicate undereye skin with great success and two nights ago started using argan oil in place of a night facial moisturizer. Argan oil is supposed to be some sort of skincare/haircare miracle. Believe the hype. My skin already looks and feels amazing. I am glowing. The texture of my facial skin HAS CHANGED FOR THE BETTER in two nights! WTF! In a good way.

    Trick to applying it so you don’t turn into an oil slick is to use a cotton pad or ball (or swab) to apply in small doses. Start minimally with a small amount–it’s easier to add more later than to try and get all this freakin’ oil off yourself. Give it a go–especially if it smells nice! It may seem pricey, but a tiny bit goes a long way so a single bottle will last for months. It is so hydrating and it is also nice to care for your skin with minimally processed products that aren’t laden with chemical junk. You should totally go for it.

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