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Fashion Book: The Newlyweds

2012 July 13

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately for reviewing purposes, so it was a nice break to pick up The Newlyweds. I found this book so pleasant and enjoyable to read. Amina is an enormously likable Bangladeshi woman who falls in love with George, a seemingly bland but kind man living in Rochester, New York. The two meet on a dating website and eventually amp up their online correspondence to a proposal of marriage. Amina moves away from everything she knows to America, a life-long dream for her. The book follows Amina’s assimilation into the Rochester community, her struggles and fears and happinesses. Her ultimate goal is to be able to move her parents out of Bangladesh to America with her–this, of course, presents more challenges than Amina was ever prepared for, especially as she is confronted with an ugly truth about her husband’s past.

One of the most charismatic characters Amina encounters in Rochester is George’s erstwhile cousin Kim. Kim is fascinated with Amina, gushing over her and getting her a job at the yoga studio where she teaches. Having lived in India for several years, and fallen in love with an India man, Kim believes herself to be practically a native, Amina’s kindred spirit. The two form a friendship which is also challenged by the many complexities of two clashing cultures. Kim’s style is bohemian and loud, full of the same patterns and colors she fell in love with in India. I wanted to attempt to recreate that here:
Fashion Book--The Newlyweds

I really liked this book and it makes for a great summer read. What have you been reading lately?

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