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Hymnal for Dirty Girls

2012 August 1

Big news! My friend Rebekah Matthews has written a collection of short stories, a collection I love, and it’s published! And you can buy it! It’s $7.50, and you’ll be supporting a new author, and Big Rodent Books, a small (tiny) publishing press owned and operated by my very own husband to be.

Here’s the editorial description (which I, ahem, wrote):

 Rebekah Matthews’ debut collection snaps with poignant and sharp-edged stories, charged with angst and unrequited love. Her characters evolve before our eyes, learning how to love in the strange confines of normalcy. In these six wonderful melancholies, we travel from a suburban Red Lobster to a Baltimore sex stakeout, from brief earthly heavens and to a very literal Hell. The characters grapple with loss, survival, and faith as they try to navigate the complicated ins and outs of the everyday world. In “Reasonably In-Shape Women,” a young woman attends a backyard barbecue where she witnesses an affecting act of love, in “Worse Than,” a high school student learns the power of storytelling, and in “Heaven for Everyone” a cancer patient faces her own mortality. On every page, Matthews exposes our fears and illustrates our reactions to them as something very beautiful.

It was my distinct honor to work with Rebekah as her editor–I’ve always been a fan of her stories (which have appeared in publications such as Storyglossia) and I really enjoyed reading through these stories and helping shape them. It’s not something I often have the chance to do with fiction, other than the occasional writing group or friendly feedback, and it was great to have the opportunity to flex those creative muscles. It was also really gratifying to help a friend get published–it’s such a competitive industry, and can be brutal for even talented and prolific writers. I hope that this collection is just the first of many successes!

We are working on making an electronic version available in addition to the hard copy–more details to come on that! Please consider taking a look at the book!


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