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Best of the Looks, Best of the Books 8/3/12

2012 August 3
by Jill

This week’s been a loong one. Has anyone else felt that way? The weekend can’t come soon enough. Joe and I are going to a clambake tonight at one of our favorite places in our neighborhood, as a little practice for our wedding, and tomorrow we have a triple birthday party at a new outdoor bar–lots of fun in store!  And this, combined with a few other things going on in my head, is why I’m having a very hard time focusing.

In an attempt to do SOMETHING productive, here’s a Best of the Looks, Best of the Books post!

Best of the Looks:

I really like the simplicity of Krystal Schlegel’s look–a sleeveless blouse is on my wish list!

Speaking of wish list items, these pointed-toe flats seem like a must-have.

Step by step makeup application help from The Beauty Department.

Inspired by Great Expectations (the movie).

Loving these literary totes by Dinah Fried.

Best of the Books:

Colson Whitehead’s rules for writing. 

A funny story about TCBY by Jesse Eisenberg.

Publisher’s Weekly gives us the best books for writers. 

I enjoyed reading Joanna Goddard’s completely honest and open post about how she turned blogging into a career.

Bookshelves for everyone! 

An iPhone dock that looks like a book. Genius.




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