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Best Books of 2012

2012 November 30


The New York Times released their list of the 10 Best Books of 2012 today. There they are, looking pretty in pink above. Of the ten, I have read exactly zero. A few are on my “to-read” list (Behind the Beautiful Forevers, The Yellow Birds, A Hologram for the King, Far from the Tree, and Building Stories) while a few others are not on my radar at all (no interest in NW or Bringing up the Bodies) despite all the hype.  

Lists like these are reminders of how few brand-new books I actually read. Of the 50+ books I read this year (whoa!), just about 10 of them were published in 2012 (and a few of those were for reviews I wrote, so they weren’t exactly by choice). It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading new books–I do! I like to be a part of the conversation happening when it’s happening, so to speak. But I fear that if I ran out to buy every new book I want to read as soon as it came out I would not only be broke, but I would be giving short shrift to all those tens of thousands of books published in years past that I have yet to read.

What about you guys? How many books from this list have you read? Do you tend to read the new hot books right away, or wait a little while?  What was your favorite book of 2012? (Mine was The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger).

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  1. December 4, 2012

    Zero for me too, oops. I spent this year reading Sherlock Holmes and the complete Scarlet Pimpernel collection, so I’m about 100 years behind.

    Oh well! The beauty of books is that they will be around (in some form) for the next hundred years so I have plenty of time to catch up :).

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