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Fashion Book: Citrus County

2013 February 7

Joe recommended Citrus County, a novel by John Brandon, about a year ago, and I finally got to reading it last week, and I’m so glad I did. I really loved it, more so than I thought I would. Here’s what I wrote for my Goodreads review:

All of the main characters in this gripping novel are lost. Lost in a profoundly human way, just trying to find their way in a cold and ambiguous world. Toby is 14, an orphan being raised by his Uncle Neal, a man so deeply disturbed he brews a pitcher of homemade hemlock every week just to remind himself of his choice to keep living. Shelby is a transplant from another part of the country, moved to Central Florida with her father and little sister following her mother’s tragic death. She is unlike the other students at Citrus Middle, and she is drawn to Toby’s unknowability. Mr. Hibma, a teacher at their school, triangulates the narrative. At 29, he’s just as lost as Toby and Shelby, fighting to define what it is he wants from life. All of these characters are struggling with the different facets and longings that dominate their thoughts, pulling them in different directions, trying to turn them into different people with every passing day.

When Toby does something irreparable, he’s forced to make the ultimate choice–does he want to be a good person leading a good life, or succumb to the evil impulses he feels are at the core of his being?

Even if you don’t know much about the wasteland of Central Florida, this novel is well worth the read for its suspenseful and provoking story.


Though Shelby is only just shy of 14, she has a sense of self and style that are all her own. She’s profoundly self-assured for a teenager, and I really loved that about her character. Her preferred outfit throughout the book is army pants with tank tops. It got me thinking about the military-style trend–it’s something you see a lot of on bloggers, and though it’s not my thing (I don’t ever plan on wearing camo anything), they manage to take a historically manly item and put their own feminine spin on it. Here are a few of my favorite camo-inspired looks from around the web:

Blair of Atlantic-Pacific pairs a camo jacket with Chanel accessories and heels

Sidney of The Daybook takes what is normally a baggy kind of pant and wears it in a slim silhouette

I don’t know how Jules of Sincerely, Jules makes a pair of Sambas and a camo jacket chic, but she does.

Christine of My Style Pill piles on the camo for warmth

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