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Things I Love This Week–2/20/13

2013 February 20

1. Gemma Correll


I feel like if I met Gemma, we’d pretty much be best friends. Her comics and illustrations are so hilarious and fun. I mean, check out her latest book–it’s a Pug’s Guide to Etiquette. We may need to pick one up for Chief.

2. Pitch Perfect

Everyone said this movie is hilarious, and they were right. The premise sounds incredibly trite (rebel girl joins a cappella group and forces them out of their traditional routine) but it’s a really fun movie when all is said and done. Rumor Wilson is hysterical, and Anna Kendrick was great. There are really interesting mashups and the a capella performances are fun to watch. It’s like Bring it On goes to Glee…but somehow better.


3. 90s Night

About once a month, The Bell House puts on a 90s dance party on a Friday night. I’ve been three times now, and every time has been epically fun. I was also a big fan of “My So-Called 90s Night” at Common Ground in Boston when I lived there. There’s just something about dancing for hours to cheesy and amazing songs that inspires all kinds of happiness.
4. The Chocolate Bar 

Joe first got me chocolates from The Chocolate Bar for a Valentine’s gift on our first Valentine’s Day together. It’s become something of a tradition since, and I couldn’t be happier. They have so many flavors (lemon fig! peanut butter jelly! malted cookie!) and they all taste like a tiny piece of Heaven. Highly recommended.

5. The Laramie Project 

I’d never seen this play until last night, when I went to a performance by much of the original cast at BAM.  A good friend of mine works for Tectonic Theater Project, which launched the play in 1999 and has recently launched a second part of the play, Laramie 10 Years Later. Joe actually performed in the play in college. It’s an incredibly moving show, which focuses on members of the Tectonic Theater Project traveling to Laramie, Wyoming just weeks after the savage murder of Matthew Shepard to interview townspeople about their reactions. The humanity, levity, and intelligence with which this story is told is truly remarkable. If you’ve never seen it, I would really recommend you do if you have the chance!

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  1. Raquel permalink
    February 20, 2013

    OMG! I’m glad you recommended Pitch Perfect, because I found myself sheepishly intrigued and wanting to watch it, even though I hate those song-and-dance shows like Glee. I love Rebel Wilson and she’s basically why I wanted to watch it, so now I will do so with abandon! Hurrah for recommendations!

    And yay for Gemma Correll! She rocks. I think you guys need the pug book!

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