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Don’t Tell Mom…

2013 August 28

Joe and I took advantage of one of the last nights of summer and walked with Chief over to Red Hook for the last movie in the Red Hook Flicks series–Don’t Tell Mom…The Babysitter’s Dead. As a kid, this movie was EVERYTHING. It was the coolest, funniest, most fun movie ever, as far as I was concerned. Also, it featured one of my all-time boy crushes, Josh Charles, in a particularly awesome role (not as awesome as Knox Overstreet, but close).

Well, the movie is 22 years old now, and unlike Christina Applegate, it hasn’t aged very well. The plot is ridiculous, the music is unbelievably bad (one song is about believing in light switch tapestries?), and the acting leaves something to be desired. But what I would most like to talk about is the fashion. The fashion choices made in this movie are EPIC. Sue Ellen Crandall goes to work at GAW, a “designer” of industrial uniforms. Of course, she is hired on the spot, using a fake resume, without any references, because that always definitely happens. So, it should come as no surprise that this company is in trouble. It’s run by a woman who is attracted to this man, so, there you go. In order to help save the company (and her job), Sue Ellen designs some bitchin’ new uniforms on the fly and puts on a fashion show in her backyard using her super cool friends as models. All the best things are happening in this part of the movie. See evidence below.



 All the trendy teenaged bell hops would swoon over these HOTT uniforms.

 Work it, Nurse Nicole, work it!

 Thank you Katrina….THANK YOU KATRINA.

Of course, not just any teenager could pull of this feat of genius. Let’s not forget that Sue Ellen Crandall is a fashion GODDESS. Check her out:




Lastly, a moment to appreciate Brian, the best Clown Dog delivery boy ever.



Isn’t it funny how something about those movies we loved as kids, no matter how bad they are, will always have a place in our hearts? Judging by the fact that the movie was an audience choice, and it was packed, I know I’m not alone.

All together now–“I’m right on top of that Rose!”


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  1. Raquel permalink
    August 28, 2013

    Somehow I missed this movie. I’m making haste to Netflix. (PS: I also loved Josh Charles, so much so that during my high school’s baby project, I named my faux infant Knox. His father was Gavin Rossdale…. oh, 1995!)

    • Jill permalink
      August 28, 2013

      It’s worth it for Josh alone.

      I actually really like the name Knox! Something to keep in mind….haha.

      My fake flour baby for health class in 1997 was named “Bailey” and the father was Prince William because he was a hemophiliac (we had to do an accompanying report on a disease). So clever.

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