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To the Dogs

2013 October 8

A friend recently sent me this article about why dogs make the perfect fashion accessory.  Though written in 1947 and based, in large part, on psychology, Quentin Bell’s points are still valid today. (PS, Quentin Bell was Virginia Woolf’s nephew, which is all kinds of awesome). How many of us have dressed our dogs in cute little sweaters or put our sunglasses on them for a funny photo? Just today, I put Chief in a cheerleader costume that my mom sent him for Halloween, though I was laughing too hard to be able to figure out how to get the wig on him.

It got me thinking about how many bloggers out there take photos with their dogs. It’s not just my own love (infatuation) with pups–maybe it’s something about the fashion world that just pairs well with dogs. Quentin really had something all those years ago.

Here are some of my favorite fashionable dogs:

Chief, of course, modeling his stylish American Apparel hoodie

Swatch, everyone’s favorite part of Project Runway!

Scout and Doug–Jessica from Here & Now’s adorable pugs

Miku, Keiko Lynn’s fluffball

William & Polly, Damsel in Dior’s chubsters

Jerome, Anna Jane’s festive bullie

Do you have favorite fashionable dogs, or am I just a crazy dog lady?

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  1. Joe permalink
    October 9, 2013

    You need more dogs so you can be more fashionable. I’m ordering those bassets.

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