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Status Update

2013 November 6

Things have been quiet on the blog the last few days and will continue to be quiet over the next few days, as I’m heading to Boston for work tomorrow and will be staying through the weekend. So, I decided a quick overall status update was in order. Here we go.

  • Halloween
Our neighborhood really gets into the spirit (ha) of Halloween, with many decorations, celebrations, and plenty of cute kids in costume. Thursday night, we took to the streets with our own little goblin:
Yep, we paraded Chief through the streets dressed as a cheerleader, complete with blond wig. He got lots of compliments–I think he secretly enjoyed himself.
As for me, I went to a Halloween party Saturday night. As of Saturday morning, I had no costume, but was able to pull a little something together that I was pretty proud of:
I decided to go as Poison Ivy, since I already have the red hair, and had this green dress as well. I bought green tights, a pretty green necklace, painted my nails green, and gobbed on a bunch of bright green eyeshadow. I also bought some boughs of greenery at a bodega and fashioned a makeshift crown and pinned some to my dress. All in all, it wasn’t bad for a costume I threw together in a couple of hours, even though everyone thought I was a tree. Oh well.
  • NaNoWriMo
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, this year I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month. I thought it would be interesting, and help keep me on task, to give you all updates every week or so. It’s Day 6, and so far I’ve written just under 6,000 words. Technically, this puts me behind in terms of making the 50,000 word goal by November 30, but I’m okay with that because I’ve been writing every day and now have almost 4 chapters of this story written that didn’t exist before. Not too bad for 6 days. I will keep you all updated as the month progresses!
  • Reading
I’m currently reading The Brothers K by David James Duncan. It’s nearly 700 pages long, so I think I’ll be reading it for a good while, but I’m enjoying it so far. It’s one of those sprawling family epics, and it takes place in Washington in the 1960s. It’s a very American story–there’s baseball, childhood, lost innocence, religious fanaticism, life in a small town–and that’s just in the first 200 pages. I’m looking forward to what the next 500 pages bring.
Last week, I finishedThe Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin. It was the first thing I’ve read by her and I liked it. She writes science fiction, which normally isn’t my scene, but I was definitely drawn into the world she creates and the characters she depicts. It was definitely thought-provoking and worth a read if you’re curious about her work.
What have you all been reading?
  • Watching
Joe and I saw Gravity a couple of weeks ago at our local theater. It was stunning–breathtaking, really, as in heart-stoppingly suspenseful at certain points. Honestly, it wasn’t as life-changing as I was led to believe by the reviews–I thought the characters were really flat and some of the story was pretty hoky–but in terms of a movie-going experience, it was beautiful and really groundbreaking for the technology/scenery/action, etc.
I’ve been feeling the lack of having a television series to binge-watch on Netflix, so we started the BBC series Top of the Lake  a couple of nights ago.  There’s a definite Twin Peaks vibe, which I love, and the scenery is gorgeous. It takes place in a small town in New Zealand, where a 12-year-old girl who is 5-months pregnant goes missing. Elisabeth Moss plays the detective who is determined to find her, though she’s only visiting town to see her dying mother. We’re only two episodes in, but I’m definitely hooked. There are only 7 episodes in the series, so it’s a minor commitment–what should I watch next?
Hope you’re all doing well!
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  1. Melissa permalink
    November 6, 2013

    I am so proud of your writing thus far. It is super impressive that you have come this far, and I really look forward to hearing about your progress!!

  2. Raquel permalink
    November 6, 2013

    CHIEF! OMG! So cute. And your costume is fantastic too. Nicely done for last minute.

    Congrats on your writing progress! Way to go! I’m happy to hear you are writing every day.

    If you like Twin Peaks/murder thriller/detective series, check out the first two seasons of The Killing. Jeremy and I watched it obsessively. (“Just one more episode” syndrome ran deep with this one.) We’re finding that Season 3 is not as good, but the first two seasons (about the murder of a gal in Washington state and the two detectives who try to solve it) was really engrossing. It’s kind of dark and moody. J made the Twin Peaks comparison. It’s not quite as bizarre as Twin Peaks, but it’s the same concept, I suppose, and there are subplots and interesting characters that will keep you wondering where things are leading.

    Hurrah, see you soon!

  3. November 6, 2013

    Love the costume! What a great last-minute idea! Thanks for the Netflix series tip. There’s nothing I love more than a good British series/mini series, especially when the weather gets chilly. And a Twin Peaks vibe? I’m definitely intrigued! Have a great time in Boston!


  4. nancy permalink
    November 8, 2013

    i am so proud of your writing accomplishments and have absolutely no doubt about you meeting your goals. as for your costumes well done! i’m glad every one had a spooktacular
    halloween evening and you have to admit Chief looks good as a blonde. have a great time in Boston can’t wait for your thanksgiving visit talk to you soon

    love to you all


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