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Catching Fire

2013 December 4

When I got back from Thanksgiving in RI, the first thing I did (after finishing that thing I was working on) was go see Catching Fire. The second book in the Hunger Games trilogy was my favorite (once I got past all the recapping in the first half) and the movie didn’t disappoint. I loved the concept of the Quarter Quell, and I thought Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Heavensbee the gamemaker was genius. As usual, Stanley Tucci’s Caesar Flickerman stole any scene he was in–those teeth! that hair! that laugh! that bright orange skin!

But come on, we all love Katniss the most. And Jennifer Lawrence. Remember all the controversy when she was first cast as Katniss, back in the day, when everyone still hadn’t figured out how awesome she is? Yeah, I hate to say I told you so, but I did.

I could go on fangirling for a while, but one of the things I love about seeing these movies is getting to see Katniss’s costumes come to life. The costumes Cinna creates for her are just as much an emblem of her fierce determination and passion as her bow and arrow and mockingjay pin. And they’re gorgeous. Here are a few:

Katniss’s wedding dress

They always know how to make an entrance

She even looks great when she’s just hanging out at the Hob

And let’s not forget Effie

This dress was definitely my favorite in the movie. I want one. 

It was great seeing a book I liked translated into a movie I really enjoyed-it happens so rarely, and I thought this movie did a great job of staying faithful to the book.

Have you seen it? What did you think of it?

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