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Best of the Looks, Best of the Books 3/28/14

2014 March 28

First off, a very happy birthday to my favorite sister–hope your day is fantastic and full of treats. This arctic blast has kept me on the couch this week for the most part, hibernating and catching up on my favorite shows, so this weekend I’m planning on getting out of my apartment and into the world. I’m going to see a Chekhov play tonight (The Seagull) and tomorrow, visiting the ICA, one of my favorite museums. Sunday, I’ll be heading down to RI to celebrate my sister’s birthday. What are you all up to this weekend?

Best of the Looks:


Is it weird that the celebrity’s closet I’d most like to raid is Kiernan Shipka’s? She’s 14, but damn, she’s got style. I can’t wait for Mad Men to come back–just two more weeks! 

This Modcloth dress has dogs on it. Too bad it’s out of stock. Sad face.

I’m tempted to try this hair mask--I color my hair and blowdry it every day, so it could use some TLC. Has anyone used hair masks–what did you think?

This is the perfect striped skirt. I want it.

How awesome is this wooden alphabet necklace? It really makes a statement. (ha!)


Best of the Books:

The growth in popularity of book clubs. 

Antique book lockets! 

All the books referenced in The Gilmore Girls. How many have you read?

Some tips on how to remember that book you read last week.

Revenge is a dish best served via text.


Happy weekend, all!


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  1. Raquel permalink
    March 28, 2014

    I use a hair mask once a week because my hair is DRY and gets dull and frizzy as a result. I get the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque (they sell this brand at Target and Walgreens–I love their products). I just keep it on for a few minutes after I shampoo and it makes my hair a lot softer and shinier. I like it because it’s effective with pretty much no effort and it’s also mostly natural/organic ingredients. Like I recognize pretty much everything in it, so I’m not worried that it’s going to do weird things to my hair/make me grow a third eyeball. (I know sulfates are a particular concern, especially if hair is color-treated, and this one doesn’t have sulfates or parabens.)

    Plus it has argan oil, and I’m a sucker for anything with argan oil. :) Bottom line: I think hair masks are a good occasional treatment, you just have to be sure it’s color-safe/fits your hair’s needs, so why not TREAT YO’SELF.

  2. Meghan permalink
    March 31, 2014

    By a quick count, I’ve read 76 on Rory’s book list. There are some really good ones on there I should get around to someday! Also, I should revisit Gilmore Girls, it’s been a while since I’ve watched it!

  3. April 1, 2014

    The actress from Mad Men looks darling in that photo. I also can’t wait for the show to return. Too bad it’s the final season. That is fascinating to me that books are such a part of The Gilmore Girls. My daughter loves the show and tells me I should watch it. I may just have to do that now. Have a lovely week!

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