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Best of the Looks, Best of the Books 4/4/14

2014 April 4

This week it’s finally starting to feel like spring. This week I went running outside. This week I ran into a friend on the bus and we got beers and I didn’t do my laundry like I was supposed to. This week I started taking a fiction writing class. This week I met with my writing group. This week I got some heart-wrenching news. This week I stayed out later than I should have. This week my divorce papers were filed.

So it goes. I’ve been back in Boston for two months now. I can’t tell if that’s a long time or a short time. There is a lot I can’t tell anymore.

But it’s nearly the weekend and there is sun and the promise of warmth. I’m going to see artist’s open studios tonight, and my roommate performing tomorrow night, and a concert on Sunday night. Maybe I’ll go running again. Maybe I’ll finally do my laundry. Maybe I’ll actually do some writing. Maybe I’ll finish the book I’m reading. Sometimes the maybes are okay.


Best of the Looks:

best look 4.4.14

A midi skirt has been on my wish list for a long time now, and I love this one on The Classy Cubicle, especially paired with the striped blouse.

Speaking of midi, I need this dress from ASOS.

Dream coat. 

Would you try this nail polish for spring?

The world’s best tights. 

Best of the Books:

I think it’s safe to say that we all have some reading problems.

This is what happens when you invite Seymour Glass to your dinner party.

Rookie continues to be awesome.

An interview with Karen Russell about her new novella, Sleep Donation.

It’s National Poetry Month. Here are some poems by James Baldwin that are good.


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  1. April 6, 2014

    That outfit is great! Pinned :) I need some shades like that.

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