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Stitch Fix: Box #4

2014 June 5

I’ve written about my Stitch Fix experience a couple of times now, but I wanted to write again to review my most recent box. As many of you know, because you’ve told me you’ve tried it, the service has gotten incredibly popular over the last few months. I signed up for my fourth “fix” at the beginning of April, when I received my third box. (I kept a cute blouse and dress from that box, but didn’t review it because I was lazy). Though I scheduled the box in April, I didn’t receive it until Tuesday–that’s two months of waiting for the first available box. It’s a little out of hand!

That said, I do genuinely enjoy the service and realize that they’re a new business and still figuring out how to make it work for their customers. I just hope they figure it out soon!

For this box, I requested a maxi dress for the summer, and I got one!

photo 1

It’s a pretty teal color and striped, which obviously I’m a fan of. I also liked the little gather detail at the waist, which I haven’t seen before in other maxi dresses.

photo 2

The dress is the teeniest bit too clingy, but I’m hoping that I have the confidence to pull it off sometime soon. I also like that it looks like I’m wearing a flower in my hair in this picture because of my orchid plant behind me. At $68, I also felt it was reasonably priced, in terms of other good-quality maxi dresses I’ve seen around lately.

photo 3

The other dress in my box was a short “fit and flare” dress, which is my new favorite silhouette for my body shape. Having a tighter fit on top and a fuller skirt on the bottom is not only more comfortable, but more flattering than the fitted pencil skirts or shift dresses I have. I really liked this pattern and the colors, but the zipper on the back kept getting stuck (not a good sign) and it was also 100% polyester, which I don’t enjoy in the summer. The real nail in the coffin was the price, though–$78 was just too much for another dress, since I’ve bought a few already this spring (most in this same shape).

The other items in my box weren’t great. I got a pair of white ankle-length skinny jeans that were high quality and looked okay, but I already have a pair I love (from the Gap). That’s one of the problems with Stitch Fix-sometimes they get my style so well that they send me duplicates from my closet!

I also got two shirts–one striped 3/4 sleeve top that was too sheer for my taste (not to mention that I already have approximately 10 striped tops) and one sleeveless blouse that was BRIGHT orange. I have never liked the color orange, so I was immediately put off, but the fit was too billowy anyway.

photo 4

So, I was a little disappointed in the box overall, especially after having waited two months for it to arrive.

However, I had enough credits in my account (thanks to some of you guys!!) to pay for the maxi I kept, so it wasn’t a loss at all. And I’ve already signed up for my next one, scheduled to arrive on July 1.

Basically, I still love getting a box of surprises in the mail, and it’s a fun way to try items on that you might not normally pick up in a store. I would recommend trying it out if you haven’t already–and if you do, you can sign up using my referral link and I’ll get a $25 credit. :)

If you’ve used it, what have you thought of your fixes so far? I’d love to hear the details! Are you a fan? Were you disappointed?



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  1. June 5, 2014

    I LOVE the maxi dress. Great color.

    I’m on the hunt for a pair of great white denim jeans. I’ll have to try the Gap. I ordered a pair from Jcrew but didn’t love them, unfortunately. (And with Jcrew $ you gotta love it to keep it…)

  2. Meghan permalink
    June 9, 2014

    I really like that maxi dress!

    My first fix was (figuratively) a very mixed bag. One the one hand: they did capture my style pretty well, which as you pointed out led to some near duplicates of things I already have. On the other hand: I was disappointed by the quality/price ratio of some of the items. A skirt they sent was very cute but was similar in quality something that you could buy at H&M or Forever21, while being priced 3xs higher. I did keep the jeans they sent, though, which were better quality and fit well. It was really fun to get the package in the mail, but I was hoping for a bit of a lower price point *or* higher quality.

    Also, this is not unique to Stitch Fix at all, but I am not sure that online shopping is really all that more convenient than brick-and-mortar shopping for one particular reason: sizing! It is really, really difficult to say whether a small or a medium will fit me better depending on an item’s cut. One item in my fix was way too big, while another was way too small. At least if I am at a store and something doesn’t fit but I really like it I can get a new size right away. Maybe this is more of a problem for people with less conventional body types? I know some people prefer the comfort and ease of trying things on at home but when you’re between sizes it’s sometimes better to have access to many options. So… all in all, I wasn’t quite sold on the concept, but I’d probably try it again when I have some more disposable income, because as you said– it’s fun to get a package filled with surprises!

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