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Wish Listing

2015 April 2

My friend Kelli recently shared one of her shopping secrets on her blog and because I greatly respect Kelli’s shopping acumen and covet her closet, I decided to pay attention. The secret? Create a wishlist.

Many online retailers allow you to create a list of items you’re interested in, as long as you sign up for an account on that website. This often entails giving them your email address, but who doesn’t have a special junk mail address for all of that stuff? We’re not amateurs. Once you’ve created an account and logged in, you can skip merrily around the site, adding $300 dresses and $200 pairs of shoes to your wishlist with reckless abandon, much like a deranged contestant from Supermarket Sweep.

But the true magic of the wishlist, as Kelli points out, is that once your item is safely saved, you can then visit it whenever you want, checking to see if it’s gone on sale so that you can actually afford to buy it. Legend has it, this actually happens fairly frequently if you’re good about checking. There’s little that I enjoy more than getting something I love on sale. It’s a real thrill. (This is what my life has come to–shopping is now my main source of thrills and adventure).

So, I created a wishlist on several of my most aspirational shopping sites: Anthropologie, J. Crew, J. Crew Factory, and Madewell. And I then proceeded to do my best Supermarket Sweep and gleefully scoop up all manners of pretty dresses, jackets, shoes, and jewelry into my imaginary shopping cart. I have to tell you–it was really fun. There’s something almost therapeutic about it–like real shopping, but without having to spend money or try anything on. There’s also the hope that MAYBE, one day not too far in the future, that gorgeous dress you love will go on sale and they’ll have your size and you will be able to place it in a real shopping cart (or, at least, the virtual manifestation of one).

In case you’re curious, here are a few items that are currently on my wishlists:

cordelia wrap dress


Anthropologie Cordelia Wrap Dress


Anthropologie Seafolly Field Trip Malliot

coral tree dress

Anthropologie Coral Tree Dress

chambray top

J. Crew Drapey Chambray Popover


J. Crew Gingham Caribbean Blue Popover


Madewell Spencer Chelsea Boot


Madewell Fieldwalk Jacket

citron skirt

J. Crew Factory Flared Skirt

wedgesJ. Crew Factory Espadrille Wedges

Do you shop this way? What’s on your wishlist?

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  1. April 2, 2015

    Yay! I love it — it IS such fun piling everything and anything into those wish lists isn’t it? And of course, I have wish lists at those very same stores you mentioned. We share some good taste, my friend. Now…let’s hope for some bargains!

  2. April 10, 2015

    I’m a big fan of Mod Cloth’s wish list/love list feature, since they actually send you emails when your stuff goes on sale, or is almost out of stock. Well, I’m actually kind of ambivalent about it, as it’s led me down the impulse purchase path many a time.

    This is Ashley from the Papercuts/Drinking Fountain night, BTW. Nice hanging! Let’s do it again! Cool blog! Bye!

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