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Things That Made Me Happy This Week 4.13.16

2016 April 13

The past couple of weeks have gotten away from me in terms of blogging. I’m still working on my Bookshelf Project and will be updating soon–I just have a lot of thoughts, as usual. For now, here are a few standouts from the past couple of weeks, although I’m sure I’m forgetting some things since it’s definitely been more than a week.

    • The World Figure Skating Championships were held in Boston for the first time this year and a few friends and I went to the Men’s Free Skate. I was a little apprehensive going into it–I hadn’t really paid attention to figure skating since the 1994 Winter Olympics–but it was SO MUCH FUN. I’d never seen any competition like it, with judges and scores and international competitors. We even got to see the medal ceremony! And these men can SKATE. They were amazing. I mean, obviously, they’re the best in the world, but I was so stunned by their grace and power. Here was my favorite routine, performed by the gold medalist from Spain, Javier Fernandez.  (Disregard the Italian announcers).

    • Whenever I’m too tired or stressed to cook, or I know there’s nothing in my refrigerator, or I just want a treat, Purple Cactus, my local burrito place in JP, is my go-to–I love their quesadillas and their Santa Fe Chicken Salad is a revelation. Good job, guys.
    • I’m just really enjoying Tom Hiddleston these days. Look at that smile! Tom-Hiddleston-GOTS-BPBJBO-Street-Style-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-2
    • It seems long ago now, but the night of Figure Skating Championships (April 1), the weather in Boston was lovely, and it was nice enough to walk from my office to the arena, and I walked through Boston Common and it was full of commuters and runners and kids and dogs and everyone seemed happy and it was a much-needed reminder that summer is on its way.
    • Also a couple of weeks ago, I got to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend at BHLDN and not only are the dresses there gorgeous and appealed to all my magpie tendencies (ooh shiny things!), I was so happy and honored to be invited to help my friend choose her wedding dress. (She looked amazing in all of them, obvi.)
    • I bought some new eyeliner at the same time as I purchased my favorite new red lipstick and I thought I should give it a shoutout here too, because I’m really enjoying it. I find liquid eyeliner tough to pull off, but the Kat Von D ink liner is super easy and looks good!  (I bought it in Hemingway, a nice chestnut brown.)
    • I love Broad City. I love the characters and their friendship and the ridiculous situations they get into. This week’s episode was a masterpiece, though. An homage to Mrs. Doubtfire, they nailed it. Also, the episode was more poignant and emotional than usual, when you got to see the ways these characters are also vulnerable and how much they love one another. A+.


Enjoy the rest of your week, all!

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  1. Nancy permalink
    April 13, 2016

    Thanks for the shout out! You were the perfect dress shopping companion :) The dress is en route to my house as I write this!

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